North Suburban Employment Collaborative

About Us



The North Suburban Employment Collaborative (NSEC) is a vibrant partnership between service providers, government agencies, workforce development entities, and employers working towards one common goal - to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

NSEC works with employers across North Suburban Massachusetts to connect them with a largely untapped market of qualified job candidates. Our pool of candidates includes individuals from 33 cities and towns from Stow to Littleton to Gloucester to Medford, who experience either a mental illness, a developmental disability, or in some cases, a physical disability. Job candidates have a range of interests, skills, and level of education, but all share one common trait – the commitment and desire to enter the workforce and contribute positively to a local employer.

NSEC is an initiative of Riverside Community Care funded by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

Areas Served

Metro North and the North Shore